Our Latin America branch operates since 2012, and has conducted research in countries as diverse as Argentina, Brazil, Chili and Mexico. Clients include Starcom Media Group, ICBC, Fox Sports, Callia and Turner Broadcasting. Most exciting was that we predicted the election of Mauricio Macri as the next president of Argentina, based on neural responses to TV commercials for each of the three candidates. While regular polls predicted his rival Scolio to get elected, Neurensics was the first to announce that Macri was the better candidate. Weeks later, our prediction was validated. Learn more.

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Neurensics licenses its solutions and methods to other market research agencies. If you want to use any of our products, feel free to contact us!



We have conducted research for more than 2000 commercials, storyboards, ads, internet banners, propositions, logo’s, packaging, and other marketing and sales products, totaling to 50.000 scans. Thank you clients!

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