Neurensics has close affiliations to the University of Amsterdam, department of Psychology, where two of the founding partners hold full professor and associate professor positions. We primarily obtain scanning facilities from the Spinoza Center for neuroimaging. We work together with NIMA in providing neuromarketing courses at the NIMA-B level.

The Advertising Research Foundation has showcased some of our work as an example of how to use fMRI in market research. Nijenrode Business University hosts a lecture series about neuromarketing by Martin de Munnik. Unilever Foundry is Unilever’s global platform for Start Ups en Scale Ups, and has positioned Neurensics in her World Top 50 of 2015.

5 things you need to know before buying neuromarketing

Why do we use fMRI, what is it exactly that we do, and how should our results be interpreted? Here we explain some fundamental issues in using neuroscience in market research. It’s all about reverse inference!

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