Prof. Dr. Victor Lamme

Co-founder, C.S.O and C.E.O. of Neurensics

He is full professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam. As a Chief Science Officer, he guards the scientific validity of the methods that Neurensics uses. You may have seen him at a talk somewhere, displaying his excitement about neuromarketing.

Martin de Munnik

Co-founder and C.C.O. of Neurensics

He has thirty years of experience in marketing, having led several advertising companies before founding Neurensics. He is Chief Communications Officer and his enthusiasm may very well be the reason you contacted Neurensics.

Dr. Steven Scholte

Co-founder, C.O.O. and C.F.O. of Neurensics

He is associate professor at the University of Amsterdam, where he is head of the Spinoza scan-center. He is in charge of all Neurensics Data Analysis and Operations, making sure you have accurate data within days. Looks a bit stern because he also takes care of finances.

Drs. Vladimir den Baars

Client Director

He worked for Millward Brown as a Business Unit and Client Director and decided to join the ranks of Neurensics. He combines quantitative skills with the ability to listen to the client, to provide solutions you can rely on. Neurensics is very happy with him and the feeling clearly is mutual.

Drs. Walter Limpens

Senior Client Executive

He has a background in social psychology and business science, and makes sure your project runs smoothly from start to end. He translates your questions into research, and turns research into actionable insights. Always at your disposal, but likes soccer, so don't call him on sundays.

Drs. Andries van der Leij

Senior Neuromarketing Researcher

He is mainly responsible for all internet based research. He is also deeply involved in our R&D program, constantly designing new analysis methods for large and interrelated data sets. If things get difficult, clients may get to see him.

Dr. Inge van Rijn

Client Executive

She studied Nutrition & Health at Wageningen University, and did a PhD on unravelling consumer food experiences using fMRI in the FOCOM project. She joined Neurensics in september 2016, eager to take her knowledge to the 'wild'. Bakes a killer chocolate cake.

Jelle Schutte

Data Base & Front End Developer

He will organize the data we have collected over the past five years (those 50.000 scans) so that we can run massive data analyses. This way we will extract unprecedented insights into the way consumer brains work.

Eline Lampers

Junior Researcher

She studies psychology and cognitive neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam. She starts up and executes research, mostly internet testing. She also makes sure all our methods get fully documented. That smile you see is always on.

Jara Linders

Junior Researcher

She has a BSc in psychobiology, and always had a keen interest in finding out how the human brain works. Just started the Brain & Cognitive Science master, while also doing an internship at Neurensics. She runs the scanner, plans your projects or programs specific tasks that subjects have to perform. Our busy busy bee.

Nico Benoist

Junior Researcher

He has a BSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and is now doing a master in Science and Business management (UU). Combines a love for neuroscience with a passion for behavioral economics. Runs an R&D project at Neurensics where EEG will be combined with simultaneous fMRI recording. Never out of breath, because doing triathlon.

Nicole Zwart

Junior Researcher

Just finished the Corporate Communications master (UvA), and started with the Work & Organization psychology master at the VU. She makes sure our subjects feel at ease, and answers all questions they may have. Also likes kickboxing, so don't ask the wrong questions...

Bram van de Putte

Junior Researcher

Has a BSc in Psychobiology, and is now doing a master in Bioinformatics & System Biology, following a keen passion for Big-Data. Runs many studies at Neurensics and also is involved in some of the ongoing R&D projects. Also runs in the more literal sense.

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