Neuromarketing tip for coming council members: Always wear a red tie.

Sports clubs and societies have their own uniform. Politicians like to wear the ‘colour’ of their political party as well. In case of the men, this is mostly the tie. Green for CDA, orange for VVD, and red for the left wing, although they abolished the tie several years ago. And that is good news for coming council members.

Neuromarketing research with fMRI scans showed that it is wise to wear a red tie. It unconsciously strengthens the authority of the person who wears the tie. And now the ‘red ones’ have abolished their tie, it is a good idea for council members to claim their colour.

Neuromarketing agency Neurensics did an fMRI study to look at the unconscious impact of wearing a tie in general and wearing a tie with a specific colour. Neurensics showed that a red tie had a significant positive influence on desire and assigning value; two unconscious emotions that lead to a preference. Previous studies already showed that we are more open to a vision, meaning, or presentation of people that have our unconscious preference. This suddenly makes the red tie of Trump meaningful.

Red tie

Fig 1. In this study three different politicians were shown with or without a tie. When a politician was shown with a tie, different colours were used. The unconscious reaction of the brain was measured with fMRI.

Red tie

Fig 2. When ‘no tie’ is taken as a reference, the blue tie is slightly worse. However, the red tie is significantly better. More positive emotions and more engagement.

Red tie

Fig 3. The red versus the blue tie. We see more positive and less negative emotions with the red tie. Especially ‘desire’ and ‘value’ are significantly higher for the red tie compared to the blue tie.











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