Neurensics went beyond the research question we had and was prepared to go all the way to get the most out of our campaign.

Johan de Meijer, ACHTUNG

Creative Agency ACHTUNG came to Neurensics with an unusual question. They wanted to know whether driving a Porsche is comparable to being exposed to addictive stuff like chocolate, alcohol or sex. We tested 21 Porsche drivers in the fMRI scanner, and provided a customized analysis of brain structures known to mediate addiction. Although driving a Porsche is clearly different from eating chocolate or seeing other addictive items, it clearly activated brain centers related to addiction more strongly than driving other cars. The full report can be downloaded here.

ACHTUNG made a short documentary on the findings, and how they were obtained. Our C.E.O. commented on the research in a brief interview. The project drew a lot of media attention, also from national news media such as FD.

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