Makro increased its yearly sales volume with 21% using Neurensics Story Board and TV commercial testing

Neurensics’ subsidiary in Latin America helped wholesaler Makro to create an effective communication campaign by pre-testing a moving storyboard and post-testing the TV commercial. The results of the pre-test (purple graph) showed that the concept had potential. However, the positive emotions (green labels) were activated below average. Neurensics advised on how to activate stronger positive emotions, and with these insights Makro produced the TV commercial. The post-test fMRI results (gray graph) showed that this ad was significantly more effective than the moving storyboard and had a positive effect on the activation of the consumer’s buying intention (corr with effectivity, blue bar). This was confirmed by the results in the market: Makro increased its yearly sales volume with a whopping 21%.


See this paper, for a similar result of improving point of sale volume using fMRI

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YACHT has won the ‘Gouden Walnoot’

During the sold-out Dutch Marketing Awards 2016 at the Tropen Museum, employment agency YACHT has won the ‘Gouden Walnoot’, the first scientifically validated neuromarketing award. Obvion and KNAB won silver and bronze with their campaigns.

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