The shorter ad worked even better than the longer one. So we saved money while getting more in return.

Karcher wanted to introduce its new inside window cleaning device. The original 30 second TV commercial had some elements that made us doubt whether they where needed to get the message across. On the contrary, an angry face at the end of the commercial – we know – will do more harm than good.

So we decided to re-edit the ad, taking out the unnecessary scenes, thus making it 30% shorter. Then we tested both the 30 and 21 second versions using our Brain Rating methodology.

The results are as simple as they are convincing: shorter commercials work better. It’s a thing we see over and over again: the shorter the ad, the better its performance.

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YACHT has won the ‘Gouden Walnoot’

During the sold-out Dutch Marketing Awards 2016 at the Tropen Museum, employment agency YACHT has won the ‘Gouden Walnoot’, the first scientifically validated neuromarketing award. Obvion and KNAB won silver and bronze with their campaigns.

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