Already during the first days of the campaign our traffic soared - all the more remarkable in this summer period, where a slowdown of visitors is normal.


Before launching its large multimedia campaign, thoroughly pre- and posttested its marketing material using a large set of Neurensics methodologies. They wanted to be sure their campaign would have the right effect on traffic to their site. Neurensics tested several moving story-boards that served as starting points for the campaign. Also, several pay-offs were tested as well as the type of music to support the ads. The final products, consisting of both TV and radio commercials, were subjected to Brain Rating, Eye-Tracking and Brain Guided Interpretation. And then the campaign was launched!

The results were astonishing. Within weeks, top of mind awareness of the site rose from 13% tot 27%. Direct traffic to more than doubled (index 207), even in a period – summer vacation – that is normally seeing a slowdown in visitors. Brand awareness grew from 89% to an almost perfect 95%. And finally spontaneous recall went from 27% to 46%. was excited about these results: “It is fantastic to see that your commercials can have such an immediate result!”, Simon Kram, corporate communication manager at commented. Leon Kramer, COO at remarked that “the campaign made a substantial contribution to improving top of mind, as well as to spontaneous and helped brand awareness.”

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