Is driving a Porsche addictive? That was the question posed by the creatives of advertising agency Achtung, while working on a new campaign for the prestigious car brand. They went to Neurensics for an answer, and we were glad to provide it. With functional MRI…

We showed Porsche owners videos of driving a Porsche, and compared their neural responses to virtually driving a regular car. The Porsche videos elicited stronger activation in brain networks that are associated with anticipated reward, not unlike regular addictive substances like alcohol, or sex or chocolate would do. Surprisingly, activation in networks associated with danger were lower for the Porsche videos.

Achtung made a stunning short documentary about the research and its results, that went viral among car enthusiasts. The results of this campaign convinced the jury of the SAN (Stichting Adverteerders Nederland) to award it with the SAN accent in the corporate category.

In case you missed the viral: here it is.

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