How to influence consumer behaviour

Smells are powerful in eliciting emotions and memories, ranging from positive moods to nostalgia to moral behaviour. The sensation of certain smells influences our perception of a product. If this tool can be successfully implemented, marketers can create a strong positive association in the mind of consumers between the smell and the product.

Hoe werken merken in het brein?

Anoek Holthuijsen en Victor Bakker van Neurensics onderzoeken met hun project de ‘conditioneer-potentie van merken’. Hierbij stellen zij de vraag: ‘Zijn merklogo’s zo te conditioneren dat de consument het merk positiever of juist negatiever beoordeelt?’ Ze meten of het werkt en hoe dit zich manifesteert in het brein. Dus, hoe krachtig is een merk nu en hoe bouwt dit zich op? Is het een kwestie van merken gewoon heel vaak laten zien of moet je daarnaast ook positieve associaties aan een merk koppelen?


Met 24 breindimensies is gedrag nog beter te voorspellen

Het ‘digitaal uitlezen’ van je lustgevoelens, je pincode of de koopdrang in je hersenen: het is geen sciencefiction meer. Dit is het moment om de grenzen van de privacy vast te stellen, zo waarschuwen hersenonderzoekers. Voor het te laat is. Want ‘braintech’ wordt straks big business.

Can Gen Z make the world a little better?

So you say we are dressed monkeys?” The journalist asked three times during an interview about the development of consumer decisions. And three times I managed to circumvent this difficult question.

Always wear a red tie

Sports clubs and societies have their own uniform. Politicians like to wear the ‘colour’ of their political party as well. In case of the men, this is mostly the tie. Green for CDA, orange for VVD, and red for the left wing, although they abolished the tie several years ago. And that is good news for coming council members.

The day that we will not go the supermarket anymore

One out of six American households has a smart box, and Apple still has to introduce one and Sonos still has to get their software right. Google and Amazon are already preparing for an invasion in our households, hoping that marketers and brand owners continue to sleep. Because that is what they do. In big numbers, while they should be panicking right now.

Cross cultural neuromarketing research

In the past, there has already been done some neuromarketing research in foreign countries, but with the arrival of new international customers, Neurensics is now certain of scan locations in New York, Barcelona and London.

Neurensics wins prestigious advertising award

Advertising agency Achtung was thinking of a new campaign for car manufacturer Porsche, and decided to put some neuroscience to work. They came to Neurensics to investigate the question to what extent driving a Porsche may be addictive, and made a stunning viral documentary about the research and its results. Enough for SAN – Stichting Adverteerders Nederland – to award Achtung and Neurensics a SAN accent.

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