Nielsen is one of the largest market research companies in the world, and always had a strong focus on traditional technologies, largely based on gathering conscious opinions from consumers. But now they are heading in a new direction. In a widely promoted video they acknowledge that traditional methods “miss at least 50% of what’s going on” when it comes to understanding and predicting consumer behavior. “Consumer neuroscience can unlock the truth about how consumer’s emotions and responses drive their purchase decisions”, they now say.

In recent years, Nielsen have invested strongly in EEG based neuromarketing, for example by acquiring EEG-based neuromarketing research agency NeuroFocus. They have expanded their range of techniques to functional MRI, eyetracking, physiological responses and facial coding, offering a palette of solutions that is now very similar to that of Neurensics.

We are glad to see one of the largest market research agencies in the world converting to neuromarketing as the future way to go. At Neurensics, this has been our proposition since our inception in 2010. We trust that our experience in using these techniques will give our clients a continued edge on their competitors when it comes to getting a grip on consumers.

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