Applying fMRI – our flagship market research tool – is not easy. Mistakes in data analysis or interpretation are easily made. Numerous headlines have recently emerged in the press allegedly showing that ‘neuroscience is flawed’ or at least highly compromised. The founders of Neurensics are internationally renowned scientists, with many years of expertise in fMRI. Dr. Steven Scholte was the initiator of all neuroimaging work at the Department of Psychology, and is now running the Spinoza Center for Neuroimaging at the University of Amsterdam.

He is at the forefront of developing fMRI analysis techniques, and always assuring that state of the art methods are used. At Neurensics we were therefore already well aware of the problems that may arise with some forms of analyses of fMRI data, years before they became common knowledge (and made headlines). Our clients can rest assured that Neurensics does not use the methods that have come under scrutiny recently. For more information, read our white paper.

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