The brand adds value to the products you sell. But how does that brand ‘sit’ in the brain, both consciously and unconsciously? What kind of associations does it bring? How do these associations contribute to sales and brand value, and how do you play these associations optimally in your marketing efforts?

Brand mapping

Brand mappingA brand is the set of associations people have with it. These can be emotional or utilitarian, basic or complex. We measure these associations, with a set of neurally validated words and concepts, and quantify to what extent these associations are conscious or unconscious. So that you know exactly how your brand sits in the consumer’s mind.


Sales or NPS association modeling

Sales or NPS association modelingAn association is only relevant when it has an effect on either purchasing behavior or some other brand value. We therefore quantify the extent to which associations contribute to Net Promotor Score values, sales, or any other external variable that is of importance to the brand. So that you know what associations should be strengthened.


Association targeting

Association targetingOnce we know what associations belong to the brand, and how they contribute to brand value (e.g. NPS) or sales, it is time to verify whether the marketing material actually triggers those associations. Our fMRI and internet testing methods are ideally suited to test just that.


Brand tracking

Brand trackingBrands are not static entities. They change over time, due to product developments, advertising and media coverage. Brand sectors may shift, as well as brand positions within sectors. We offer the option to continually monitor such movements. We keep an eye on the trends within the associations that matter, so that you know before everyone else how to position your brand.

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YACHT has won the ‘Gouden Walnoot’

During the sold-out Dutch Marketing Awards 2016 at the Tropen Museum, employment agency YACHT has won the ‘Gouden Walnoot’, the first scientifically validated neuromarketing award. Obvion and KNAB won silver and bronze with their campaigns.

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