A major part of advertising budget is spent on commercials that are distributed via TV, radio or the internet. Both production and airing costs are high, so it is common practice to test the effect on the consumer at an early stage. ARF and peer reviewed studies have shown that fMRI (and fMRI only) adds considerable value in predicting future effectiveness. We offer these products:

Ad Testing

We have scanned over 600 TV commercials worldwide. So we know when an ad pushes the right buttons in the consumer brain. We have benchmarks for effectivity, likability, effect on the brand and many more. fMRI scanning of your TV commercial is more cost effective than any other method available. Combined with eye-tracking, our proprietary Brain Guided Interpretation tool and our newly developed NPS Impact Scoring, you get invaluable insights into whether your ad will work, and why.
Also for ad-ons, radio, and short form internet commercials.

Concept testing

product-testingInstead of recording the response of the brain to a produced and finalized TV commercial, we also offer the possibility to test concept or story board versions of the ad. Our research has shown that such test versions significantly predict the brain response to the final product. Let your creative decisions be guided by scientifically validated research, and save on production costs (or avoid ending up with a commercial that was better not made)

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YACHT has won the ‘Gouden Walnoot’

During the sold-out Dutch Marketing Awards 2016 at the Tropen Museum, employment agency YACHT has won the ‘Gouden Walnoot’, the first scientifically validated neuromarketing award. Obvion and KNAB won silver and bronze with their campaigns.

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