Many clients want to know whether their product, proposition, or customer journey will have the right impact. Particularly with new products and propositions, consumer response seems difficult to predict. Measuring a mix of unconscious emotions and associations, together with more explicit methods, offers a way out of socially desirable answers. Moreover, we expose the deep motivations underlying the attitude consumers have towards your new idea.

Brain rating

brainratingWe record the response of 13 proprietary brain networks, that signal a range of positive and negative emotions, self-relevance and value, as well as attention, novelty and impact. We have recently added 25 additional networks to obtain further insights into more high level attitudes. Combined, these give a detailed image of the consumer response towards your product, proposition or customer journey.


Mind mapping

mindmappingBased on the well-known principle of implicit association testing, we offer the possibility to gauge a range of associations that customers may have when exposed to your material. Our large internet based tests enable you to know whether the product or proposition feels exactly as you intended.


Custom Internet based testing

internetbasedPsychology has produced a host of tests to measure the processing of stimuli, the attitudes people feel, the extent to which items are attended or memorized, induce conflict, and many more. Our strength is to take these test paradigms to the consumer, via large scale internet based testing, targeting the audience you want to reach.

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