Increase your marketing ROI with brain insights on your target audience.

  • Measure unconscious emotions that predict behaviour

  • Research based on objective brain responses

  • Advanced research methods: fMRI, EEG, RIAT, BGI & Eye Tracking

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Consumers don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say. David Ogilvy - 'Father of Advertising', Founder Ogilvy & Mather

fMRI Neuromarketing - Wat is fMRI?

How can neuromarketing help you?

Neuromarketing helps you understand the consumers' brain. This is crucial for growing your business. We offer various solutions to answer the questions you have:

How's the brain studied?

To optimize your ads, grow your brand and maximize ROI, we use advanced neuroscience and psychological research techniques to measure objective brain responses. We measure the entire brain: all conscious and unconscious thoughts and reactions. It gives us better insights into consumer behaviour, allowing to predict behaviour. We use:

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The benefits of neuromarketing

✓ Within 5 business days, you'll receive objective answers to your marketing questions. 

✓ Complete insights into consumer behaviour for the same investment as traditional marketing research.

✓ Personal presentation of the results with advice for optimisations.

✓ A clear report with all the unique insights into your customer's mind.

Why use neuromarketing?

Consumer behaviour can only be accurately predicted by using both conscious and unconscious brain responses.

Our behaviour is mainly determined by unconscious brain responses which can be measured directly with fMRI and EEG or indirectly with a reaction task called RIAT.

Traditional marketing research falls short by only capturing a fraction of consumers' thoughts and reactions. Consumers process marketing messages quickly, emotionally, and largely at an unconscious level. Asking people what they consciously think about something doesn't give you the right results, as people often provide socially desirable answers.

At Neurensics, we have a different approach. We always start by measuring the quick, emotional and often unconscious responses. When necessary, we use qualitative research to gain the full picture of our measurements.


How big is the unconscious? Neuroscientists sketch it out for you.

Client experiences:

Neuro research is the solution for Centraal Beheer for pre testing ads. Neurensics translates the research insights into concrete and realistic adjustments of the advertising material which can be directly used by our advertising agency. Natasja van Buuren, Marketing Intelligence, Centraal Beheer
Through fMRI research, we're gaining unique insights into the processing of our ads. It shows that they are processed quickly, automatically and emotionally. This gives us the tools to keep optimising our ads and increase brand growth. Dave Brosen, Brand Manager, Smint & Frisk
Winning the 2018 Silver Effie was made possible by NeuroBranding. It showed us which unconscious associates are important for increasing our NPS and which associations we needed to focus on to turn non-customers into customers. Leslie Hogeveen, CCO Consumer Mobile, Tele2

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