Customer needs analysis

If you want to tailor your product or service to maximally suit the needs and wants of your customers, you have to look for answers where their needs and wants are formed - in their brains. Observations directly from customers' brains can provide you with clear insights and assurance on the suitability of products and services you offer.

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Needs and wants are mainly driven by unconscious thoughts and emotions

Is there a need for your (new) product or service? What does that need look like? What are the drivers & barriers towards buying your product or service? Is your product portfolio relevant and how do you maintain its relevance? Are you sufficiently distinct compared to the competition and how can you ensure this?

Needs and wants are largely driven by unconscious thoughts and emotions. Therefore, people often have difficulties indicating what they really want. To capture customers' needs and wants, it's best to measure where needs and wants originate - in customers' brains.

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We use scientifically proven qualitative and quantitative research methods for conducting customer needs analysis. Depending on your research questions, we'll select specific methods.

A customer needs analysis is used:

  • To gain clear and comprehensive insights into the target group's actual necessities and desires for products or services.

  • As a scientific source for convincing internal and/or external investors about the potential of new products or services.

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Why use a customer needs analysis?

A customer needs analysis is used to gain insights into the needs and wants of your target group. It provides you with the knowledge to adjust the positioning strategies of your brand, products or services.

A customer needs analysis provides answers to: 

  • What are the needs of the target group(s)?
  • Does your product or service portfolio meet the necessities or desires of the target group?
  • How do you maintain a relevant product or service portfolio?
  • Where are the existing opportunities?
  • What are consumers' drivers & barriers to buying your products or services?
  • Are your products or services sufficiently distinctive compared to the competition?

If you have different questions, please contact us to see how we can help you.
Together with Neurensics we've investigated which (un)conscious motives lie inside people who never switch energy suppliers. The implicit association study yielded valuable insights into the factors that make behavioural change possible. This resulted in a successful campaign by iChoosr and Vereniging Eigen Huis. Matthijs van Waveren, International Marketing Manager, iChoosr

Our approach

The specific methods used for a customer needs analysis depends on your question(s) and target group. We've outlined some of the research methods we offer below. Depending on your question(s), we can also include other qualitative or quantitative methods.


RIAT - Customer needs analysis - market research

RIAT (Rapid Implicit Association Task)
We always use the neuro-technique RIAT for a customer needs analysis. During RIAT, participants need to answer various questions under time pressure. The time pressure eliminates conscious thinking and over rationalisation to ensure revelation of the true needs and wants of your target group.

The needs and wants which are revealed through RIAT are linked to behavioural measures (e.g. 'purchase intention'). It also reveals which needs are most important for conversion, among other factors.

Target group segmentation | customer needs analysis | market research

Target group segmentation
We often group the behavioural measures into distinct target groups. Then, different target groups are compared with each other to observe the group with the strongest need.

Conversion funnel research | Customer needs analysis | market research

Conversion funnel research
We can extend the customer needs analysis with conversion funnel research. The needs that are important are identified and then followed up with strategies for conversion. This allows you to create an effective communication strategy.

Pricing research | Customer needs analysis | market research

Pricing research
The customer needs analysis can also be extended with pricing research. This gives you clear insights into the price elasticity and range of acceptable prices according to your target group(s).

What's in it for you?

Within 5-7 work days you'll receive:

  • A clear report containing the results and answers to your research questions. The results can be used to convince internal or external investors on the potential of new products or services.
  • Advice on the best proposition for (new) products or services.
  • The assurance that you're making well-informed tactical and strategic decisions which will contribute to the growth of your business.

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