A brand and its image only exist in the brain. Therefore, it's best to conduct branding research at the place where it exists: in the brain. It provides you with unique insights that contribute to consistent brand growth.

    Branding research

    What are the growth opportunities for your brand? Is the brand well positioned? How is the brand positioned compared to the competition and is it distinctive? And how do you become the preferred brand in the mind of the consumer? 

    You'll find the answer by measuring your brand in the mind of the consumer. 

    Image research

    What does the target group think of your brand? What associations do they have and how can you change these? Which associations increase NPS? Are your brand associations distinctive enough compared to the competition? Do the marcom campaigns influence the brand image in the right way?

    Brand image plays a major role in the choice consumers make, and choice behaviour is not rational. As it's not rational, it better to measure the brand image in the brain at the place where brands and its image are formed.


    Positioning research

    Discover the position of your company in the market and how you can distinguish yourself from the competition to create growth and a competitive advantage.

    Proposition Development & Research

    Discover in the brain which message and associations work best to (re)load your brand and activate (buying) behaviour.


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