More effective research

Market research with neuro gives you clear insights into the consumer's brain. This allows you to predict consumer behaviour and effectively build your brand and campaigns.

Communication research

Communication is the way for your company to grow. Therefore it's important that the communication is effective. With our various solutions for testing ads, concepts, films and videos, you'll know for sure that your objectives will be achieved and ROI increases.


The success of your brand is determined by how the brand is positioned and recognised. Brands only exist in the brain, as a brand is made up of an associative network stored as a memory. That's why it's important to research the brand at the place where it happens: in the brain. With our branding solutions, you'll know for sure that you get the insights you need to effectively build your brand.

Customer needs analysis

If you want to tailor your product or service as much as possible to the needs and wants of the customer, you have to research it at the place where needs are formed: in the brain. It will provide you with clear insights and certainty about the products and services you offer.


Increase sales and maximise profits. Base the price on what the brain of the consumer is willing to pay. This is how you measure the real willingness to pay.


Maximise the effect of your packaging with insights from the brain. This increases the success of the brand and the product.



You can use our market research for many things. Check out our extras here. Do you have another request? Then contact us and together we'll work out how to tackle it.


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