How to make the consumer choose your product in a market where there is unlimited choice?

    FMCG market research with neuro offers the solution. It researches the choice at the place where it's made: in the consumer's brain.

    NeuroBranding and brand association research have been essential to Smint's strong growth in these recent years. Dave Brosens, Brand Manager Smint & Frisk
    FMCG market research

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    In this day and age where consumers have so much choice and are in control, it's important to be top of mind with your product and brand. At the decision making moment, your product must be available, easy to purchase and the price must be right. Therefore, it's essential to research what the target group wants, how and where they make their purchase, what the drivers to buy are and how this relates to your product and brand.

    At Neurensics, we offer comprehensive solutions to research this. We offer standardised and customised research.

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    FMCG market research

    When conducting FMCG research, it's important to study the place where the (purchase) choice is made; in the consumer's brain. About 95% of our thoughts and emotions are unconscious and these have a strong influence on our behaviour. As a result, it's of little use to ask consumers why they buy something or what they think of your brand or product.

    Your brand, product, packaging and price unconsciously activate emotions that determine buying behaviour.

    That's why we look inside the brain to find the answers to all your questions. We use state of the art techniques and models based on years of scientific research. This enables us to predict the effectiveness and success of your campaign, product launch, price or packaging. It also answers questions such as: 

    • What are the needs and wants of the target group?
    • Where do they buy (online or offline)?
    • How to deal with the increased sales via digital channels?
    • What's crucial for the consumer to make a purchase?
    • How do you deal with sustainability, for example for packaging?
    • How to respond to the increased demand for healthy food?
    • How do you determine the optimal price for maximum revenue and profit?
    • Is your marcom effective and how to optimise it?

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 

    The results are ready within 3-7 working days (depending on the research question) and the costs correspond to traditional market research. 

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    We take care of everything

    Your convenience is important to us. After discussing the research question, all you have to do is provide the stimulus. We'll do the rest.

    Most common FMCG studies

    Ad & Concept Testing

    Measure whether your marcom is effective and activate the right emotions that are important for behaviour. This can be either a final ad or a concept.

    Branding research

    Position your brand correctly in the consumer's mind. Identify and seize opportunities. Make sure the brand is remembered more often and quickly. This is how you create brand growth.


    Image research

    Discover what your target group really thinks about your brand and organisation. Find out whether the brand corresponds to the core values and needs of the target group to create a competitive advantage.

    Customer needs analysis

    Find out what your (potential) customer really needs and whether your product or service portfolio matches. Also find out how to reach your target group, what you need to focus on and discover how best to develop and market your new product. 

    Pricing research

    If you're going to market a new product or service, you want to know what the optimal price is for maximum revenue and profit. It also shows you if the current price is the most optimal one. Pricing research shows you the optimal price by measuring it in the brain. 

    Packaging research

    Maximise the effect of your packaging with insights from the brain to increase the success of the brand and the product. It can also be used to test and compare packaging.

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