Research methods

Check out all our research methods below. We often use different methods to answer your research question.



With fMRI research, you measure both conscious and unconscious emotions and reactions deep in the brain to predict consumer behaviour.

This is used for testing commercials, concepts, brand, propositions, and music.

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EEG is a widely used technique in neuro-marketing research to measure cognitive processing, such as calculations, to predict consumer behaviour. 

This is used in testing price research.

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Rapid Implicit Association Task (RIAT) is a neuromarketing research technique that captures direct and often unconscious (brand) associations.

This method is used in many surveys:

  • Branding research
  • Image research
  • Propositions
  • Positioning
  • Pricing research
  • Customer Needs analysis
  • Customer Journey Research
  • Usage & Attitude 

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