Neuro Concept Testing

What is the real effect of your new advertising concept? Neuro Concept Testing predicts the effectiveness of your concepts with fMRI and includes advice for improvements.

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Pre testing advertising with fMRI

Your concept's effectiveness depends on how it's unconsciously appreciated. Consumers process ads quickly and superficially, without much thought. Though the process is quick, emotions and associations are unconsciously activated and stored. It's the efficacy of this process which predicts consumer behaviour.

Neuro Concept Testing, also known as pre testing, predicts the effects of your concept with fMRI. To do so, we only need a moving story board or a sketch. This way, you can keep costs low and still ensure desired results later when the ad goes live. 

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Why use Neuro Concept Testing?

Neuro Concept Testing (pre testing) can be used for:

  • Predicting the effects and effectiveness of your concept.

  • Comparing several concepts to pick the best one.

  • Testing whether your concept fits your brand.

  • Optimising your concept.

Effectiviteit reclame concepten in het brein spider plot


fMRI Neuromarketing - Hoe wordt het effect van een reclame-concept gemeten en voorspelt?


How are the concept effects predicted?

  • fMRI
    This is the only technique that can measure unconscious emotions activated by the ad. The measurements are judged against established benchmarks for Effective, Likeable and Annoying ads.

  • Eye Tracking
    Displays where viewers are deploying attention within ad scenes informing us  which scenes catch the eye. 

  • Brain Guided Interpretation
    The BGI is a follow-up study used after the fMRI scan to better understanding participants' activated emotions.

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What's in it for you?

Within 5 working days you will receive:

✓ A personal presentation of the tested concept, including the fMRI results, the Eye Tracking analysis and the BGI results.

✓ A clear report with unique insights into the brain of your customer. You'll also receive advice on how to optimise the final ad and what to take into account during the shoot.

Unlimited access to a clear and interactive dashboard with the tested concept's results.

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