How do you create more loyalty and a better image among your customers in a time where trust in banks, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and pension funds is low? How do you ensure that a new product development meets customer needs? And how do you communicate effectively?

    Market research with neuro offers answers to all these questions.


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    In the financial sector, whether it's about banks, insurance companies, mortgage lenders or pension funds, the choice is vast and customers are more vocal than ever. In addition, trust in this sector is low, making transparency and winning trust essential. After all, both consumers and business professionals want to be sure that their money is in good hands. Certainty and trust are important emotions that cannot be measured by using a survey, but they can be measured in the brain.

    Throughout the years, we have provided financial institutions with insights into the brain of the target group, their position in the market and in the development and optimisation of new products and services. 

    We understand that as a marketer, brand manager or insights manager, you're not only dealing with the customer, but also with other interests such as compliance. Our years of experience make us experts in guiding and conducting research in the financial sector. We're also aware of the many regulations and the Financial Services Act.

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    Market research for the financial industry

    The unconscious mind of the consumer plays an important role in the purchase of financial products and services. It's important that the consumer get a positive feeling, that there is trust and that the customer relationship comes first. Whether you succeed in doing so can only be measured where these emotions originate: in the brain of the customer's.

    That's why we conduct market research in the brain of the target group. With state of the art techniques, you gain insight into:

    • How to approach the target group effectively?
    • How to activate trust?
    • Is your marcom effective?
    • What's your market position and how can you change it?
    • How do you create and maintain a good customer relationship, also taking into account the far-reaching digitalisation?

    We research this for both the consumer market (B2C) and the business market (B2B).

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    We take care of everything

    Your convenience is important to us. After discussing the research question, all you have to do is provide the stimulus. We'll do the rest.

    Most common finance studies:

    Image research

    Discover what your target group really thinks about your brand and organisation. Find out whether the brand corresponds to the core values and needs of the target group to create a competitive advantage.

    Ad & Concept Testing

    Measure whether your marcom is effective and activate the right emotions that are important for behaviour. This can be either a final ad or a concept.

    Customer needs analysis

    Find out what your (potential) customer really needs and whether your product or service portfolio matches. Also find out how to reach your target group, what you need to focus on and discover how best to develop and market your new product. 

    Pricing research

    If you're going to introduce a new product or service, you want to know what the optimal price is for maximum revenue and profit. It also shows you if the current price is the most optimal one. Pricing research shows you the optimal price by measuring it in the brain. Both for B2B and B2C.

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