RIAT in neuromarketing

RIAT measures the automatic and unconscious associations activated by your brand; associations which contribute to brand growth.

  • Measure the associations which contribute to brand growth

  • Measures the quick and automatic responses

  • It's an online tool, so it can be used anywhere

RIAT in Neuromarketing - What is it?

What is RIAT?

Rapid Implicit Association Task (RIAT) is a neuromarketing research technique that measures automatic and often unconscious (brand) associations. This technique uses time pressure to limit conscious thinking and over-rationalization.

How RIAT works

Participants can complete the RIAT on a computer, laptop of smartphone. They have to indicate left or right to select associations which fits the brand under time pressure.

RIAT is a real speed task: if participants take too long to respond, they have to start all over. The response time is limited.

During the RIAT, we also record the speed of the response. The faster the response, the stronger the association.

This recorded speed determines if your brand will be chosen in a purchasing situation. 



Brand associations in the brain


Benefits of RIAT

  1. RIAT measures the quick, automatic and intuitive response. Due to time constraints, participants won't have time for making post-rationalization.

  2. You get objective insights into brand associations that predict consumer behaviour (purchase intention).

  3. As it's an online tool it can be used anywhere, on a compatible mobile device. We aren't limited to a specific location.

What is RIAT used for?

  • NeuroBranding
    RIAT shows you the distinctive unconscious associations for your brand and associations contributing to brand growth.

  • NeuroValuing
    RIAT is a versatile technique. To perform NeuroValuing, we adapted the technique to measure what consumers find most valuable in regards to promotions/offers, propositions and product or packaging variations. By doing so, we predict the best option.

  • NeuroPackaging
    RIAT reveals whether your product packaging is linked to your brand values and the associations it activates.

RIAT NeuroBranding brand associations Neuromarketing

Limitations of RIAT?

Every research technique has its limitations. RIAT is similarly limited:

  • Your results are limited by your input. The associations that participants see are predetermined; so you won't receive new associations that your brand may activate.

  • The associations are just words, and words can mean different things to different people. 

How does Neurensics solve these limitations?

At Neurensics, we believe that RIAT provides valuable information to predict consumer behaviour. We have a number of solutions to solve the mentioned limitations:

  • We do a preliminary study to create a list of associations, separating the wheat from the chaff.

  • We do a cluster analysis on the words associations to discover the network of associations. 

Check out the Smint case

  • NeuroBranding

    How Smint achieves continuous brand growth

    Smint has been growing in revenue and brand awareness for 5 consecutive years. How did they accomplish this feat? Smint has insights to crucial brand associations necessary for targeting existing and new customers. By incorporating these associations in their advertising, they were able to activate certain brain responses. Together with Smint, we've developed Smint's very own Neuro Brand Signature: a signature of their brand in the consumers brain. Check out Smint's case and grow your brand too.

    "NeuroBranding and brand association research have been essential to Smints' strong brand growth across the years."

    Dave Brosens, Brand Manager Smint & Frisk
    Smint case NeuroBranding

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