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    Create publicity with incredible neuro-research. Whatever your topic, we can research it with fMRI, EEG or other tools. See our previous PR-research cases below.


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    Create publicity by carrying out research in the brain with MRI and other neuro-tools. What's better than creating publicity with something that's been scientifically proven and where you can also show brain data?


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    See previous Neuro PR-research below 


    In this research, we looked at the brain activity of Porsche-lovers whilst looking at or listening to a Porsche. What did we see? Driving a Porsche can be addictive. The reward centre in the brain is activated in the same way as with additive substances, such as sugar. 

    Watch the video below.


    The NS (Dutch railway) has a new announcement voice and they wanted to know how this voice "scores" in the brain. We researched this by having people listen to the voice (and other voices) in the MRI-scanner. The result: the new announcement voice knows how to touch us, emotionally. This was widely taken up by the press. 

    Read the case here.

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    Radio 538 & Mindshare

    Do radio commercials work? This was the question Radio 538 and Mindshare had. Only 5% of the listeners are consciously listening to the radio whilst doing nothing else. So the successful mechanism behind a radio commercial must be unconscious. The mechanism and the effect were researched in the MRI scanner. 

    Watch the video with the results below.


    Research was done for the programme 'What the Hague' into which emotions are activated by the colours of a tie. In the MRI-scanner, participants saw images of Dutch political party leaders. In these images, the colour of their ties was changed. The results showed that unconsciously, a red tie scores better than a blue one. 

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