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At Neurensics, we believe you can increase your ROI with knowledge on consumers' brain. We do this by looking at the unconscious effects from marketing on consumer behaviour.

We only use state-of-the-art research methods, such as fMRI and EEG.

We find it important to explain to marketing and insights professionals that traditional techniques such as questionnaires, give incomplete results and sometimes misleading advice. In contrast, scientific techniques, such as EEG, are less susceptible to similar weaknesses.

At Neurensics, we capture the complete effects from marketing - conscious and unconscious, rational and emotional - giving marketing and insight professionals the right tools to improve their marketing strategies.

  • Founder of neuromarketing in the Netherlands

  • World's largest neuromarketing research company, executed more than 70,000 brain scans

  • Specialised team of neuro and behavioural scientists, professors and advertising experts


70 000+ MRI scans

1300+ ads scanned

300+ advertisers advised

Active in 10 countries around the globe







Neurensics: The beginning

Established in 2010, Neurensics was the first market research company in the Netherlands to use fMRI and EEG commercially.

This emerged out of a thirst for knowledge and insights about the influence of ads in the brain. Two advertising men Martin de Munnik and Walter Limpens conducted a joint study with two neuroscientists Victor Lamme and Steven Scholte. The first study into the effects of TV ads in the brain was produced.

They didn't start with EEG as per the norm in the USA, but the technique with the highest resolution of the brain: fMRI.


Rapid growth

Currently, Neurensics consists of a team of renowned neuroscientists, professors, behavioural scientists, and advertising and marketing experts.

Neurensics has now carried out more than 70,000 brain scans to understand consumer behaviour: more than any other research company in the world.

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Boeken Victor Lamme en Martin de Munnik

Sharing neuromarketing knowledge

Neurensics find it important to share knowledge with the community.

Professor Victor Lamme of Neurensics has written two books: 'Free will doesn't exist' and 'Why? In search of what really drives us'. 'Free will doesn't exist' is about the strong influence of the unconscious forces on our behaviour. 'Why? In search of what really drives us' dives into the question of what motivates our behaviour. 

Neurensics co-founder Martin de Munnik is similarly happy to share secrets from 'The Buy Button' with you. 'The Buy Button' is about marketing's influence on consumers' brain.

Webinars, events and lectures

We also share our knowledge during various (free, online) webinars, events and lectures.

Professor Victor Lamme, Martin de Munnik and Walter Limpens regularly give lectures at major conferences related to the brain and (consumer) behaviour.

We have organised webinars with Beeckestijn, Nyenrode and NIMA, where we also teach. We prioritize quality and are proud of the rankings we've received:

Beeckestijn: 9.1
Nyenrode: 9
NIMA: 8.6

Keep an eye open to our LinkedIn page for (free) online webinars.

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Neurensics samenwerking met Beeckestijn Nyenrode NIMA

Nature Neuroscience journal

Scientific Publications

Behavioural research is our starting point and we have continued keeping up research efforts.

Currently, we have over 200 neuroscience publications with more than 14,000 citations in leading professional journals, such as Nature, Science, Nature Neuroscience, Brain, PNAS, NeuroImage, Trends in Neuroscience and the Journal of Neuroscience.

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