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Maximise the effects of your packaging with insights from the brain. Understanding this will increase the success of your brand and product.

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The impact of packaging is determined by quick, unconscious and automatic emotional reactions

Does your packaging stand out on the shelf among its competition? Do consumers recognise your brand and product? Does your packaging fit your brand? Does your packaging make the product more desirable than the product of your competitors? Does the new packaging work better than the old one? Or, which of all your new packaging designs have the highest sales potential?

Find out by measuring the packaging's impacts in the consumer's brain with neuro techniques such as fMRI and RIAT. The desired effects of packaging can be observed within consumers' quick, unconscious and automatic emotional reactions. 

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Neurensics uses NeuroPackaging, a scientifically proven method to carry out packaging research. It consists of multiple (neuro) techniques: fMRI and Rapid Implicit Association Task (RIAT), Eye Tracking and a visual search task. The exact techniques used depends on the research question. The research can be completed both offline and online.

The insights gained from the packaging research will help you create more effective packaging for your products.



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Why use packaging research?

Packaging research is used for various purposes:

  • Packaging testing
    • Will your new packaging contribute to higher sales?
    • Will your packaging be noticed quickly among your competitors' on the store shelf?
    • Does your packaging create a more desirable product as compared to your competitors'?
    • Does your packaging fit your brand?
    • Do consumers recognise your brand and the product?
  • Packaging comparison
    • Is your new packaging more effective than the old one?
    • Which of all your new packaging designs would yield the highest sales?
  • Packaging and unconscious emotions
    • Which unconscious emotions are activated by your packaging?
    • How do the activated emotions impact buying behaviour?

Our approach

We take a unique approach by utilizing our neuro techniques online. Therefore, allowing you to test your packaging online as well. We select the best way to present your packaging depending on the research questions you have. All you have to do is provide the test packaging materials. We'll do the rest.

An overview of the (neuro) techniques used can be found below. 

Packaging research with fMRI - Does the packaging activate purchase intent? | Market research

Packaging research with fMRI
In the MRI scanner, participants are presented with the packaging while the brain scan reveals participants' purchase intention and unconscious emotions.

Eye Tracking in packaging research - which elements attract attention? | Market research

Eye Tracking
The MRI scanner also contains an Eye Tracker that simultaneously records eye movements. It reveals packaging elements which stand out and attract attention.

Packaging research -  Visual Search Task - Is your packaging quickly noticeable in between other packaging? | Market research

Visual Search Task
An online search task measures how quickly your packaging is recognized among other packaging. It reveals how distinct your packaging is on the store shelf.

RIAT - Does the packaging matches your brand? | Market research

RIAT (Rapid Implicit Association Task)
RIAT measures whether participants unconsciously link your packaging to your brand values and specific category associations.  

What's in it for you?

Within 3 work days you'll receive:

  • A personal presentation of the results.
  • A clear report with unique insights into your customers' brains and advice for improvement.
  • Unlimited access to a clear and interactive dashboard with the study's results.

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