As a telecom provider, stay on top of the needs, wants and choices that consumers make with neuro market research. You'll get insights directly from the consumer's brain to optimise your marketing strategy and increase your market share.

    Neuro Ad Testing quickly gave us the insights we needed to optimise our advertising. As a result, we were able to successfully change our image in a short period of time. And, the research has contributed to a nice reward: the award for effective campaigns: Effie behavioural campaign short-term. Machiel van de Poll, Senior Customer Insights Manager, Tele2
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    Due to the continuous developments in the telecom industry you as a telecom or internet provider, need to stay on top of these changes. This means that you must be aware of the influence of the technological developments on the lives of consumers. And on top of this, due to the far-reaching digitalisation the consumer is far more in control. 

    In order to maintain and even increase your market share, it's essential to know what the needs and wants of consumers are and what determines their choices in order to create an effective marketing strategy.

    Market research with neuro provides answers and insights to all these questions. 

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    Market research for the telecom industry

    Neurensics offers various researches for telecom and internet providers to find answers to:

    • How to increase your market share?
    • Why does a consumer choses you as their provider or the competitor? 
    • How do you distinguish yourself from other providers in a world where TV & Internet and mobile services can hardly be distinguished from each other?
    • How to make consumers switch to you as their provider?
    • Which associations play an important role in this?
    • How to stay ahead of the competition?
    • How to make sure that your marcom is effective?

    Get your answers quickly by conducting market research in the consumer's brain: the place where choice and behaviour are created. About 95% of our behaviour is driven by our unconsciousness. Therefore, it's off little use to ask consumers why they chose you or the competition.

    The results are ready within 3-7 working days (depending on the research question) and the costs correspond to traditional market research. 

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    Your convenience is important to us. After discussing the research question, all you have to do is provide the stimulus. We'll do the rest.

    Most common market research in the Telecom industry

    Branding research

    Position your brand correctly in the consumer's mind. Identify and seize opportunities. Make sure the brand is remembered more often and quickly. This is how you create brand growth.


    Image research

    Discover what your target group really thinks about your brand and organisation. Find out whether the brand corresponds to the core values and needs of the target group to create a competitive advantage.

    Customer needs analysis

    Find out what your (potential) customer really needs and whether the services you provide match. Also find out how to reach your target group, what you need to focus on and discover how to develop and market your new service. 

    Ad & Concept Testing

    Measure whether your marcom is effective and activate the right emotions that are important for behaviour. This can be either a final ad or a concept.

    Pricing research

    If you're going to market a new service, you want to know what the optimal price is for maximum revenue and profit. It also shows you if the current price is the most optimal one. Pricing research shows you the optimal price by measuring it in the brain. 

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