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    Discover which brand or product name unconsciously activates the right associations, such as purchase intention. Then you know for sure which name you should choose to create growth.

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    Measure intuitive reactions to the name

    A brand is a name with associations. And vice versa, the brand is loaded with the associations we have with the name. The value of these associations and therefore, their importance for success, mainly takes place in the unconscious part of the consumer’s brain. To know exactly which associations a name activates and to know how relevant they are for success, you must look at where this originates: in the unconsciousness. 


    At Neurensics, we do research into brand and product names with RIAT. Using this technique, we measure the unconscious reaction that people have when hearing and seeing a name. This association test is conducted under time pressure. In this way we measure which associations a name or different names activate and which name will lead to a predetermined desired effect. 

    Are you considering launching a new product? Is there talk of a new name or a change of name? Then go for neuro brand name research. You can only make a first impression once and it should immediately be a good one. 

    RIAT: which associations does your name activate? 

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    Why use brand name research? 

    Brand name research is useful when:

    • Starting a new business 
    • Launching a new product 
    • Changing names 

    Our approach

    Name brand research is an online study that is conducted with RIAT.  Below you can find the steps that we follow. These can be extended or shortened upon request.  


    Drawing up a list of relevant associations

    Together, we will create a list of associations that are relevant for the category. 



    Cluster analysis with relevant associations for purchase intent

    In a preliminary study, we use a cluster analysis to determine which associations are relevant for behavioural intent, such as purchase intent or NPS (see below). 

    Click on one of the associations to see which other associations are linked to it. 


    Measuring the associations in the consumer's unconsciousness 

    After the preliminary research, we conduct the RIAT (Rapid Implicit Association Test). Here, participants have to indicate whether an association fits or doesn't fit with a brand or a name. This is done under a time pressure. 

    The time pressure allows us to override rational thought and stick to immediate responses. We measure the extent to which the association is "embedded" in the consumer's brain. For the same reason, we use a dichotomous scale (fits/does not fit). So, we measure on a more intuitive, and therefore more predictive, level. 



    What's in it for you?

    Within 5-7 business days you'll receive:

    • An overview report with the results and answers about which name would be the best choice. 
    • Insight into the associations that are relevant for successful positioning. 
    • The certainty that you are making substantiated tactical and strategic decisions that will contribute to the growth of your brand and product.


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