Prof. Dr. Kai Markus Müller

Director Pricing Research

Kai is a professor of consumer behavior at HFU Business School in Schwenningen, Germany. An author of pricing books, Kai not only conducts active university research in pricing psychology, but also regularly appears in media, and is a frequently booked speaker. He has more than 12 years of experience in pricing research and consulting, previously both as consultant of one of the leading pricing management consultancies and as an entrepreneur. A PhD in neuroscience by training, he has spent many years of developing algorithms to conduct NeuroPricing(TM) and NeuroPricing(TM) Online. At Neurensics, Kai orchestrates the scaling and development of further cutting edge NeuroPricing(TM) approaches. He consults clients with respect to pricing research design, pricing strategies, and behavioral pricing tactics, always working hard to ensure the clients of Neurensics get substantial bang for their buck!


Prof. Dr. Kai Markus Müller

Our team

  • Prof. Dr. Victor Lamme
    Professor Cognitive Neuro Science

    Prof. Dr. Victor Lamme

    Co-Founder & C.S.O. Meer info
  • Prof. Dr. Kai Markus Müller

    Prof. Dr. Kai Markus Müller

    Director Pricing Research Meer info
  • Dr. H. Steven Scholte

    Dr. H. Steven Scholte

    Co-Founder & C.E.O. Meer info
  • Andries van der Leij

    Andries van der Leij

    Head of Research & Development Meer info
  • Martin de Munnik

    Martin de Munnik

    Co-Founder & Business Developer Meer info
  • Walter Limpens

    Walter Limpens

    Co-Founder & Senior Client Executive Meer info
  • Vladimir den Baars

    Vladimir den Baars

    Client Director Meer info
  • Waldo Swijnenburg

    Waldo Swijnenburg

    CEO Qualitative Research Meer info
  • Irene Blaauw

    Irene Blaauw

    Growth Marketer Meer info
  • Dirk Zomerdijk

    Dirk Zomerdijk

    Developer Meer info
  • Femke Paauwe

    Femke Paauwe

    Research Executive Meer info
  • Mostafa Wahab

    Mostafa Wahab

    Research Executive Meer info
  • Paula Hoijer

    Paula Hoijer

    Research Assistant Meer info
  • Anne Ebbink

    Anne Ebbink

    Research Assistant Meer info
  • Jill den Boer

    Jill den Boer

    Research Assistant Meer info
  • Ingrid Hogeveen

    Ingrid Hogeveen

    Finance Meer info

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