Increase purchase intention by increasing brand visibility

The previous learnings have demonstrated the importance of branding. On top of that, the longer your brand is visible, the more valuable it becomes. How does it work? Read more to find out.

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The longer you see something, the more valuable it becomes to your brain

Branding learning 7 - hoe langer je merk in beeld is, hoe sterker de koopintentie

Our brain is inundated by information all day long. Fortunately, the brain filters most of information, so we don't become crazy. However, when we do see something for a long period of time, our brain reacts differently to it. 

When we see something for a longer period of time, our brains register the seen thing as more valuable; because if it wasn't valuable, why would we even look at it? 

The reverse is also true: if something is valuable to you, such as your favourite brand, you will also spend more time looking at it. 

Visibility over a long period of time strongly affects consumers' purchase intentions. Several MRI studies has investigated the relationship between display duration of a product/brand and consumers' purchase intentions. 

Again and again, participants chose the product that was on display the longest. Antonio Rangel, professor of neuroscience and economics at CalTech (USA), is one of the scientists who studied this. Check it out in the video below from 6 min. 50.


The higher the visibility of your brand and product, the stronger the consumers' purchase intentions. The visibility of your brand actually increases customers' receptivity of your brand, decreasing the likelihood of it being automatically filtered by their brains. 

Therefore, make sure that:

  1. Your brand is visible to as many consumers and as long as possible.
  2. Your communication and advertising attracts consumers and engages their attention.

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