Why personalised packaging works well

Personalizing your packaging, such as putting names on the package, works well. But why? Discover it here.


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Coca-Cola Share a coke, waarom werkt personalisatie op verpakkingen zo goed?

In 2013, Coca-Cola decided to exchange its brand name on the bottles and cans for the 200 most common names of Dutch teenagers. The "Share a coke with" campaign scored very well and was even so effective that it won an Effie (award for proven effective campaigns).

Why did this personalisation worked so well?

This can partially be explained by a psychological phenomenon called the Cocktail Party Effect.

In a busy environment, our brain allows us to focus our attention on certain input, such as when having a conversation at a busy conference.

All other sounds are filtered out until, for example, someone calls out our name from afar. Remarkably, your name has such a personal value that it attracts your attention, even with busy background noise.

Cocktail party effect - personalisatie verpakkingen

And not so surprisingly, attracting attention is one of the goals of packaging for a fast-mover like Coca-Cola. By personalising the packaging, Coca-Cola immediately caught the consumer's attention when he or she saw his or her name on the packaging.

And even if their own name was not immediately visible, shoppers would actively look for a bottle with their own name on it. A highly desirable effect of packaging.

Personalisation automatically ensures that the consumer's attention is drawn your product and not to that of other brands or products. This way, you are one step ahead of the competition.

Advice: Make your packaging as personal as possible. As soon as the consumer looks at the part of the shelf where you are positioned, your packaging will attract the consumer's attention first. This will increase purchase intent.

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