Improve with neuromarketing insights

Clear insights into the brain of your consumer is the key to effective marketing.

Neuromarketing research offers these insights to improve the ROI of your advertising, branding, prices, propositions and more.

‣ Market research with neuro
‣ The same investment costs as traditional market research
‣ Results within 3 workdays

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Understand and predict consumer behaviour

To predict behaviour, we need to look into the unconscious mind. Why? Because our behaviour is driven primarily by unconscious processes.

Probing into these unconscious processes, we revealed that emotions, not reason, are the driving force behind consumer decisions.

We leverage the understanding of these processes to increase the outcomes of your marketing efforts.

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Discover the Smint case

  • NeuroBranding

    How Smint achieves continuous brand growth

    Smint has been growing in revenue and brand awareness for 5 consecutive years. How did they accomplish this feat? Smint has insights to crucial brand associations necessary for targeting existing and new customers. By incorporating these associations in their advertising, they were able to activate certain brain responses. Together with Smint, we've developed Smint's very own Neuro Brand Signature: a signature of their brand in the consumers brain. Check out Smint's case and grow your brand too.

    "NeuroBranding and brand association research have been essential to Smint's strong brand growth across the years."

    Dave Brosens, Brand Manager Smint & Frisk
    Case Smint - Waarom Smint blijft groeien NeuroBranding
  • Prof. Dr. Victor Lamme
    Professor Cognitive Neuro Science

    Prof. Dr. Victor Lamme

    Co-Founder & C.S.O. Read more
  • Prof. Dr. Kai Markus Müller

    Prof. Dr. Kai Markus Müller

    Director Pricing Research Read more
  • Dr. H. Steven Scholte

    Dr. H. Steven Scholte

    Co-Founder & Consultant Read more
  • Andries van der Leij

    Andries van der Leij

    Head of Research & Development Read more
  • Martin de Munnik

    Martin de Munnik

    Co-Founder & Business Developer Read more
  • Walter Limpens

    Walter Limpens

    CEO Read more
  • Vladimir den Baars

    Vladimir den Baars

    Client Director Read more
  • Waldo Swijnenburg

    Waldo Swijnenburg

    CEO Qualitative Research Read more
About us

Neurensics brings you closer to the truth.

We're a team of renowned neuro- and behavioural scientists, professors, advertising and marketing experts. We've also pioneered commercial applications of fMRI and EEG in an affordable and timely fashion. In 10 years, we've carried out more than 70,000 brain scans to understand consumer behaviours - more than any other market research company in the world. We're here to grow your brand, sales and profits.

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