How to triple your market share?

The Dutch telecom company Tele2 had two goals:

1. To retain customers
2. To attract new customers

To achieve this, Tele2 wanted to know how its brand image could contribute to this. Neurensics studied it. The results led Tele2 to triple its market share. How? Check it out below.

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Used techniques
Mind Mapping™
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"Winning the 2018 Silver Effie was made possible by NeuroBranding. It showed us which unconscious associates are important for increasing our NPS and which associations we needed to focus on to turn non-customers into customers." Leslie Hogeveen, CCO Consumer Mobile, Tele2

Which associations contribute to building a strong brand?

Tele2 NeuroBranding Mind Mapping Neuromarketing

Research question Tele2

  • How can we retain customers to our brand?
  • How can we attract new customers?

How it's studied

Two consecutive studies were used. First, a long list was used to study which conscious associations are characteristic for the telecom market and which associations are specifically distinctive for Tele2.

The results of this study served as input for the main study, Mind Mapping, which studied to what extent the associations are unconsciously linked to Tele2.

Mind Mapping™ 

A brand activates conscious, but especially unconscious, associations. The unconscious associations influence consumer behaviour.

That's why it's important to study the unconscious associations a brand activates. It's not enough to ask respondents about the associations they have with a brand. This will result in well-considered answers based on reasoning.

Mind Mapping™ was used to discover the unconscious associations the brand Tele2 activates. Respondents had to choose under time pressure whether certain associations, such as valuable and cheerful, were appropriate for Tele2 or for its competitors.

The time pressure is essential, because respondents don't get the chance to think about the answer for a long time, resulting in more objective answers. 

Results: The most important brand associations for Tele2

Tele2 Case NeuroBranding Mind Mapping Resultaten

The research showed several associations that are important for Tele2. These associations are distinctive compared to the competition and contribute to customer loyalty.

  • The association 'Freedom' contributes, among other things, to customer loyalty (increasing the NPS).
  • The association 'Smart choice' contributes to attracting new customers (switching to Tele2).

Advice for Tele2

It's important to focus on the brand associations that are distinctive for Tele2. This will enable Tele2 to consistently work on brand growth, so that the brand will become more powerful in the long run.

Tele2 triples its market share and wins an award

Tele2 wint zilveren effie 2018 mede door Mind Mapping

That the brand was becoming more and more powerful became apparent when Tele2 won a Silver Effie in 2018. This award indicates that the brand has become more powerful over the years and proves that the commercial position of the brand has improved.

It's no wonder Tele2 won this award as its market share had tripled in the Netherlands! Tele2 is as known as now mentioned in the same its 3 biggest competitors in the Netherlands and is the only provider that has been growing during the last years.

Advantage of NeuroBranding for Tele2

  • Tele2 knows which brand associations are important for long term growth and uses it in their communication.
  • Tele2 has insights into which specific brand-associations contribute to hard KPI's, such as NPS and new customers.
  • Tele2 knows that NeuroBranding works, because it helped to win the Silver Effie in 2018.

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