25.000 MRI-scans

With scanning facilities in The Netherlands, Germany, North America, Argentina and Brazil, we have measured the impact of some 2,000 commercials, storyboards, packaging, logos, names and even brand propositions. In the coming month, we will perform our 25.000th brain scan. This unique milestone will be celebrated with a grand neuromarketing study. And you can decide the research topic. Let us know your choice, on Linkedin.

Neuromarketing research clarifies Evian’s 30 million views in a week

The Evian viral that was unleashed on the internet last year, was viewed more than 30 million times in just one week. Neurensics’s scientists wondered whether the popularity of the video could be found in the brain and what effect it has on brand value and purchase intent. Reason for Neurensics to put it to the test in a Multi-Client Neuromarketing study.


Predicting campaign success for De Hypotheker

In 2012 De Hypotheker began to develop a new campaign, that was extensively pre-tested by Neurensics using fMRI technology. Which had a positive effect on the operating results of De Hypotheker. View this spectacular case study here.

Visual transfer does not exist, emotional transfer does

For the first time in marketing history the impact of radio advertising on the consumer brain has been explored using fMRI technology. The spectacular results of the research provide unique insight into the processing and effectiveness of radio advertising, information relevant to all businesses making use of auditory marketing.

Our brain doesn’t lie

The brain study for Telegraaf Media Groep demonstrated for the first time that advertisers can gain tremendous added value by having people interact with their brand in a game.

Judge a book by its cover.

The affect a book cover has on actual sales turns out to be rather large: it is often the only marketing tool stimulating sales. This unique study revealed the areas of the brain that need to be activated to compel consumers to buy a certain book.

How can your campaign reach your customer’s brain?

Sanoma Media worked closely with Neurensics on an innovative study of the brain’s response to three kinds of mono-media campaigns and one multimedia campaign in order to examine how commercial messages operate in different media, what the ideal media mix is and how that content prompts us to buy things.

Neuromarketing studies with fMRI in South America

Turner Neuromarketing movie

Neurensics is establishing a foothold in Germany

The German magazine for the advertising, marketing and media industry HORIZONT published an article about Neurensics Deutschland; ‘Der Kaufknopf im Gehirn’. Read the article here…

Neuromarketing: How the media influences the consumers’ brain

Starcom MediaVest Group and Neurensics in Argentina have tested the impact of different types of media on several brands with neuromarketing. Read all about the…

Why do Argentinian men find George Clooney attractive?

Visit the Neuromarketing conference at the Universidad de SanAndrés (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and find out! The conference is hosted by Martin de Munnik and Dr….