How to discover the ideal price for a product that does not yet exist?


Webinar Scent Camera NeuroPricing™

Language: This webinar is in English.

In this unique webinar, you'll discover a revolutionary new product and how the ideal introduction price has been researched.

Scent Camera is a revolutionary device that now makes it possible to capture scents and relive them at a later time. The device was developed by a team of scientists in Lithuania.

In this webinar, the founder of Scent Camera - Sandris Murins - tells you all about the camera and the challenges:

  • How to discover the price for such a unique device, especially when this is a new market with no past sales, no competition, or any other point of reference to use
  • How to differentiate pricing per country, considering the relative strength and potential of local markets.

To answer these questions, the help of Neurensics and FutureUP was enlisted. During the webinar, Kai-Markus Mueller from Neurensics will take you through the study of finding the ideal price with NeuroPricing™.

George Boretos of FutureUP takes you through his innovative Predictive AI technology, which he has used to generate price suggestions for other countries for which survey data did not yet exist.

What to expect?

✅ Presentation of revolutionary Scent Camera (Sandris Murins)

✅ The study to find the ideal introduction price with NeuroPricing™ (Kai-Markus Mueller)

✅ How the innovative Predictive AI technology generated price suggestions for other countries (George Boretos)

Fill in your details and watch the webinar.

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