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Consumer behavior often seems erratic and difficult to understand. Wouldn’t you like to get more grip on what makes consumers tick? At Neurensics we know the brain processes that make people respond to your message, buy your product, or engage in your brand. We gladly share that knowledge with you. We translate the question you have into concrete advice or into state of the art scientific market research. So that you can make better designs, stronger propositions, and more engaging ads. Together, we make sure that you push the right buttons in the consumer brain.

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We have conducted research for more than 2000 commercials, storyboards, ads, internet banners, propositions, logo’s, packaging, and other marketing and sales products, totaling to 50.000 scans. Thank you clients!


Nominee: Agency of the Year!

Marketing research industry association MOA has selected Neurensics as one of the three nominees for Marketing Research & Analytics Agency of the year. Will we fill the footsteps of previous winners like Blauw, TNS NIPO, Validators, and GfK? Find out at the MOA beachparty on June 7th!

Case: Hypotheker became market leader after Neurensics briefed the advertising agency

See how Hypotheker went from third to first position in market share and brand awareness, by getting its proposition right in a period of great financial turmoil.

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Consumer decisions are governed by a mix of conscious and unconscious processes, rational and emotional factors, as well as innate and learned associations. We offer you all the tools to study these factors. We were the first to make brain scanning (fMRI) commercially available to market research, and have performed 50.000 scans for over 150 clients since. Combined with our internet based surveys, implicit association tests, and other advanced behavioral analysis techniques we can give you a complete overview of how the consumer will react to your marketing material, products or propositions. We get you the whole story.

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